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We live in the beautiful countryside of County Galway where we are fortunate to own 3 Golden Retrievers, Ella and Taylor and baby Harper. Our Golden Retrievers are very much part of the family, and we have been fortunate that our children have grown up with such a wonderful breed. Whether learning new tricks, or chilling on the sofa everyday our Golden Retrievers make us laugh. I was very fortunate to come across a wonderful experienced breeder and she remains in my life as a mentor and from whom I have learnt so much.

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Our Dogs

We feel privileged to live with these beautiful dogs, and their calm gentle nature is soothing to be around. Their intelligence makes them so easy to train and their loyalty makes my family feel loved. We breed from time to time as a hobby breeder and our puppies have brought so much happiness to the other families as much as they do to us. A Golden Retriever is a wonderful, loyal, trustworthy, and intelligent companion. We really enjoy the journey with prospective puppy owners and we keep in touch and support them as much as we can. We have met so many lovely families and friends along the way!

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And lastly, our Logo

We are very family orientated and love our time together. Our daughter decided she wanted to design our company's Logo.

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